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Ending SARS and Starting work

October 2020

As young people have called for the end of SARS as early as 2016, what will make the difference in this wave is the extent to which this movement can mature to insist on answers to key issues on the youth agenda. Front and center must be the issue of solving both the supply and demand sides of the unemployment problem... Continue reading here  and click read more to Download Full paper (Article on page 13)


Funemployment: Navigating the Job Makers' Market

September 2020

In this edition lets talk about the practicalities and difficulties in navigating the job market...

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Funemployment: Creating work while finding it

29 August 2020

David Ricardo is correct that the laboring class will diminish and there is no clearer time to see this than the global pandemic and looming recession we face. However, this diminishing is most applicable when our definition of employment is too closely tied to our definition of labor. The two are fortunately not the same. Employment is at its core about value creation and as populations and organizations grow in their needs and complexities, there is an expanding scope for the creation of value. Read more on page 18


Funemployment: Fun and function for the newly unemployed

15 August 2020

The data shows that people of all ages with thriving families and even finances can be miserable if they do not have work that they enjoy. This edition explores how to find your fun in employment. Read more on page 20 of the Paper here

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Introducing Funemployment

31 July 2020

The precarious nature of the current labour market means that frictionally/seasonally unemployed individuals can easily slip into long term unemployment cycles, particularly because for white collar workers, unemployment can be as economic as it is psychological. Read more here

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