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Resume Revamp

The boost you need

Try before you buy! We believe your resume is a critical part of your story. Share your resume and the role/program you are applying for and we will review it for only $5USD and provide tailored comments against the role you are targeting. If we believe we can get you the role, we will refer you to the opportunity matching services, where you will have access to a money-back guarantee based on the success of your application.


Opportunity matching

Personal statements, cover letters etc.

Do you already know the role you are targeting but need help writing your personal statement or cover letter or need specific coaching e.g., case coaching or aptitude test prep? Over the years, we have built a network of individuals and organizations that can support you with the 'end to end' application process, many of your coaches in this case will be alumni of the programs you are targetting. To ensure that we can provide valuable services, we request that you do the resume revamp service first and share the program/job you hope to apply for and the application deadline you are targetting. We will review it and get back to you in 48 hours to let you know what kind of money-back guarantee we can offer


Career Coaching

Going beyond

Are you still trying to decide what opportunities to apply for? Do you need advice on how to better position your self for your next steps? This service is a favorite among many clients. Our job is to give you the tools and techniques to identify the right opportunity to apply for next. Send us an email to schedule your first session. First session is at 80% discount ($30 an hour) the next one is up to you. This service will typically follow the basic resume revamp service

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