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My coaching Story: Why I started The "Write" Writing Coach

From our Founder's desk

I started WWC because after years of reviewing school, scholarship and job application letters, I recognized several high potential candidates whose writing prevented them from communicating their fit for opportunities. I got great satisfaction from seeing people review their own scholarship and college application essays and be in awe of their own success. Today my clients have gotten into masters and MBA programs in universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton, and Harvard. They have won prestigious scholarships and fellowships such as the United World College, Chevening Scholarship and other fellowships at Princeton. They have also received interview and job offers at world-renowned consulting firms and banks and some continue to benefit from broader career coaching.

Over the years, I have recognized that many individuals simply needed the "write" writing coach to achieve their personal and professional goals. The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify the common pitfalls in how you are telling your story. Each writer is attended to individually and our goal is not simply to help you get the role you are applying for but to empower you to do the next application with less support.

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